Exploring the Unknown

Waverly Hills Sanitarium- Louisville, KY



  • Our investigation consisted of an 8 hour lock-in at Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, Kentucky.  The date was Monday May 23rd, 2011 from 8pm until 4am.  The investigation consisted of 10 Investigators 3 from Wisconsin and the other 7 from the Chicago area.   We split into teams of 2, 2, 2 and 4.  Each team investigated a different floor, so as not to have any contamination.  I investigated with Doug for most of the night, until right at the end when we joined up with all the rest of the groups and had a large EVP session on the 4th floor. 


  • During the night I took approximately 200 digital pictures, some of which are posted on this site.  During review of my approximately 6 hours of audio from my digital recorder, I captured roughly 180 EVP’s.  Many of them are faint, but I have chosen some of the best for everyone to hear for the site.  I hope you enjoy what was captured!!  Jim.


Visual Evidence Captured:

These are a couple of pictures from the Death Tunnel/body chute.  The one on the left shows the steps going up from the bottom.  The photo on the right shows an unexplained mist.

These are 2 photos from the 4th floor.  The picture on the left shows what appears to be a shadow person standing and looking at me.  (Click on the photo to enlarge).  The picture on the right is from approximately the same location a few minutes later that shows nothing.  At the time Jim and Doug were the only 2 people on the floor investigating.

Doug and Jim found this ball in one of the corner rooms on the 4th floor.  We tried to get the spirits to interact with us by rolling the ball, kicking the ball, etc.  What was very strange is that no matter where we rolled, kicked, pushed or sent the ball it always ended up in the same room in the spot you see in the picture on the right!!  This was very strange and we have no explanation for this.

This room was on the first floor and was reported to be quite active.  Reports of many people being touched, grabbed or pushed were common in this room.  In the picture on the left, Doug is in the doorway heading to the next room, while I am about 25 feet behind him.  Right at this moment I was touched on my left arm, as my arm became ice cold.  The picture on the right was taken immediately after being touched.  I wheeled around and took a picture behind me, however nothing is seen on the picture.

Audio Evidence Captured:

“I slip up”   This is an EVP captured in the Death tunnel/body chute by Jim and Doug.

“I’ll make it cold”   This EVP was captured on the 4th floor by Jim and Doug.  The spirit seems to be telling us that it can change the temperature.

“Then here I sit”  This EVP seems to capture a spirit that is resigned to its fate!

“Hear no one”  In this EVP you hear one of the other team members with a very deep voice talking, then the spirit chimes right in.

“Help me”  This one needs no explanation.

“Long breathy Yessss”  Jim asks the spirit to come and get the ball he is holding.  A long breathy Yessss is heard!!

“Come on”  Doug gives the ball a good kick as we are getting ready to move to another room.  A female voice is heard telling us to Come on!

“Leave”  When Jim and Doug are on the 1st floor. We are in a room a very strange noise is heard at the same time Jim gets touched on his left arm.   Then a spirit tells Jim to leave!

“Just the river”  Jim and Doug are talking and walking slowly, and a spirit is heard to say “Just the river”.

“I know the floor thing”  Jim is heard commenting about the shadow play on the floor, when a voice says “I know the floor thing”!!

“I’ll give you all a seat”  Kathy is heard talking in the background, then a spirit comments that he will give us all a seat!!

“The candles come now”  A loud train whistle is heard in the background, but the spirit seems to be giving us instructions about what to do next!

“These few were caught”  Kathy and Jim are talking about the claims of paranormal activity, a spirit is heard to reply “These few were caught”!!


  • After hearing all the claims and reviewing all our evidence, it is fairly certain that this is one of the most active paranormal locations we have ever investigated.  Much of what was captured seems to be of an intelligent nature and eager to communicate with the living.  I encourage anyone to investigate this interesting location if you get the chance.  I am sure you will leave with your own special experiences!

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