Exploring the Unknown

Rochford Mine Explosion- Rochford, SD

Vicky investigating the site of 1902 deadly mine explosion.Vicky investigating the site of 1902 fatal mine explosion.  This small pile of rocks is all that remains of the mine today.

Background and History:

  • Founded in 1877, and nestled along the banks of Rapid Creek, Rochford was an old gold mining town in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Located approx 25 miles from the infamous towns of Deadwood and Lead, Rochford peaked at a population of around 1,000 by 1879.  It boasted several hundred homes, a business district, saloons, and schools.  After the gold was filtered out however, Rochford was virtually abandoned.  By 1900, Rochford was the home of less then 50 people.  A few of the mines continued on after the people were gone.  An explosion at one of them, which is now situated along the 109 mile George Mickelson Trail, killed 2 miners in 1902.  Soon after this accident, mining in the area ended, leaving Rochford a ghost town.
  • Several buildings still remain today, though are slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature.  In recent years, new claims have been set up over the belief that gold still remains in these hills.

Investigators Present:

  • Scott and Vicky

Equipment Used:

  • 2 Sony digital audio recorders, Sony Handycam, 2 Digital SLR cameras, Gauss Master EMF meter, Wavepad Sound Editor.


  • Scott and Vicky arrived at the explosion site in mid afternoon.  This is a remote area with virtually no traffic.  No other persons were seen or heard in the area of the mine.  Investigators are confident traffic and other people can be ruled out for possible noise pollution.  This site does, however, run directly adjacent to Rapid Creek and the running water can be heard throughout.  Please note this when listening to evidence clips.  Weather was sunny, mid 90’s.

Evidence Captured:

  • Strong.
  • Many EVPs were caught which could not be enhanced enough to post due to the creek in the backround.  Interested reader can contact the MPI Network for private listening session with enhanced audio equipment.  EVPs include names and direct responses to questions.
  • No conclusive visual evidence was captured, however some possible anomolies were witnessed by investigators.
  • A few EVPs listed below:  Please note that Rapid Creek, heard in the backround, makes enhancement difficult.

Note – Headphones are recommended for listening to EVP sound samples.  Spirits do not speak at the same frequency as we do.

“Clear! Heads up!” Possibly risidual.  Was this the warning yelled out right before a dynamite blast?  Heard directly after Scott says, “1902.”

“I was killed here.”    Caught in first few seconds of EVP session.  Scott says, “EVP session #2,”  and a whisper interrupts.  Scott continues, “Rochford, SD mine explosion site.”  The enhanced sound clip of the whisper is here.

Male voice – “Hear me.”:  Scott is heard saying, “We understand that that accident happened in 1902.”  Interrupting Scott in mid -sentence is a male voice.  The voice is somewhat inaudible, though sounds to be saying “Hear me.”  Interestingly, a sound is heard at that exact moment over the male voice…a sound that is very similar to…an explosion.  Just the voice clip can be heard here.

“Shiloh.”  Scott is heard saying, “Speak into this black instrument in my hand.”  A voice responds, “Shiloh.”  It is unclear as to what this would mean.


  • It is the opinion of The MPI Network that this mine site is active with paranormal activity.  EVPs seeming to tell names which research shows were persons present and killed at the mine during the explosion, making references to phrases relevant to mine sites, and even the possible sound of the explosion itself, leads us to believe the site is active.  Further investigation is warranted.

One response

  1. Sylvia

    Everybody who lives in the Black Hills, and especially near mining sites, are very aware of the ghosts that exist all around us. I grew up in a very old house which was inhabited by a ghost who was a young girl about 12 years old. While my brother and I were fully aware of her existence (because she kept turning the light on in the attic area we used for storage of cases of canned food, among other things, which our mother always chewed us out for doing, but we could also hear her playing in that same area during the night), my sister, some years later, getting my bedroom after I married, was also aware of her because she would wake up in the middle of the night to see her standing at the foot of her bed, but she would never answer any of my sister’s questions and disappear again after as much as 30 minutes later.

    Many years later, I bought a house a couple of blocks from that one. One daughter of the man who built that house never married, and lived in that house until she died. She had a reputation as being a rather cruel and self-centered woman. She willed the house to the Catholic church, which was directly behind that house. They used it as their rectory, while they built their new church building. When they had no more use for it, they put it up for sale. The last night I spent in that house, that daughter did everything her power trying to kill me.

    The lady who grew up in the house across the street from the one I just spoke of, after her parents died, moved back into it with her family. She told me about one day when she went upstairs to put clothes away in her son’s room. As she was doing so, she was kicked in the butt, but there was no one around. She asked me what I thought of her experience. I told her I thought she had a ghost in her house. Up to then, she really didn’t believe in ghosts, despite all the stories she had heard.

    I lived in an apartment building, built in 1981. Everyone who lived there for a little while, and was up later into the night, usually on a regular basis, would hear the elevator go up and down between the floors, or if they were trying to use it, watch it go up and down, but no one ever got off it. There were also times when someone on it would go back and forth between floors they never intended to go. If the door opened on a floor, no body would be there. During the day this wasn’t so unusual, because someone would call for the elevator, and when it didn’t get there when they thought it should, they would take the stairs, but we’re talking about the middle of the night, when almost everyone was long since in bed. Several of us tried to catch someone using it at these times, but there was no one to be seen going on or off that elevator. We finally concluded we had a ghost in the building.

    One tenant, who lived in a part of the building which was “buried” in the side of the hill, as most buildings are around here, would see objects go flying through the air (she had her days and nights turned around, so she witnessed a lot of activity), or something which had been sitting in the middle of the table would suddenly hit the floor. She wasn’t the kind of person who had much of a sense of humor, and she did believe in ghosts, so she just chalked the mysterious activity up to her dead mother trying to get her attention, which in my opinion, was an incorrect assumption most of the time.

    To build this apartment building, they first had to tear down the old building located on that spot, which had been sitting there for at least 100 years, several of its last years empty. The digging which had to be done to construct the new building most likely disturbed this ghost. There was one lady who had been living in the building since it had opened, and for many years, managed it. She knew there was at least one ghost in the building, but was never concerned about them. She lived next to me, and for a whole year after she died (in the hospital), I could hear her in the kitchen in her apartment preparing a meal, or whatever.

    There does seem to be a pattern in what brings the ghosts out. Everyone of these houses and/or buildings were altered in some way before anyone had any experience with the ghosts. I have heard many stories similar to these in the many years I have lived up here. Not all the ghosts are benign, such as the little girl in the house I grew up in, but not all the ghosts are so dangerous, such as the experience I had in the house I bought. Most just simply want your attention, and to let you know you’re disturbing their “unrest-filled peace”.

    The largest mine up here, now closed, but for a long time the largest gold mine in the world, and I think, still holding the world record for being the longest running, (125 years), dug 8500 feet down before they closed, and no body really knows how far out from its center, but many miles for sure. I’ve noticed, and often said, if you read the best description of hell in the Bible, and a good description of the core of the Earth, they are almost word for word identical. When they got that close to the core, a whole bunch of demons got loose and got into the men and women who worked down there, and transferred from them into their families. The Earth is a living being, something the Indians understand well, and mining seriously injures it, but you also have to remember the kind of people who come into an area during gold rush days, and where there is no law for many years. First of all, they’re greedy, looking to get rich quick. Greediness brings out all the worst characteristics in a person, such as murder and thieving. The gold rush hit here in 1876, in the 1920’s there was still at least one murder every day – over money. Such evil, unrest, and sudden, violent deaths, are bound to make for the existence of a great multitude of ghosts. Such spirits can’t find any rest with their Maker before they die, and therefore, just linger on.

    September 22, 2014 at 6:23 pm

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