Exploring the Unknown

Private Residence- New London, WI

Backgroud and History:

  • The owners of this 100 year old house contacted our team because they and their toddler child were being tormented by possible paranormal activity in the home.  The male owner of the house claims that he would come home from work to find the basement lights on, but no one at home.  He states that after turning off the lights, he’ll check later to find them back on again.  The female owner claims that she has seen an apparition of an old woman with a walker, trying to go down the stairs to the living room.  The owner senses that this woman had possibly fallen down these steps and died inside the house, although these records have not been confirmed.  The child sleeps in a seperate bedroom, at the top of the stairs, across the hall from the owners’ bedroom.  The child has become too afraid to sleep in this room alone, making a reference to seeing “sea dragons.”  The female owner also claims she senses the presence of a young girl by the name of Kaitlin, playing with her son.

Investigators Present:

  • Scott, Vicky, Jim, joined by Doug Oram (Founder of Fox Cities Paranormal Meetup Group)   The current owners of the home were present, but did not participate in the investigation.


  • On April 14, 2011 we conducted a night time investigation at the “New London House.”  We placed night vision camcorders on the stairs and in the child’s room.  Toy cars placed on a smooth surface in the child’s room were used as possible trigger objects.  EVP sessions were conducted throughout the home.

Evidence Captured:

  • Strong; Very Active
  • While investigating, batteries had been drained from a digital camera and a laser pointer.  A little girl’s voice had been heard by two different investigators at the same time, while setting up.  Unfortunately, recorders were not on at this time.
  • Although review of visual evidence turned up no conclusive results, personal experiences did occur, as well as multiple clear EVPs were captured on multiple recorders.
  • Here are samples of the best audio evidence captured:

Note – Headphones/earbuds are strongly recommended when listening to EVP sound samples.  Spirits do not speak at the same frequency we do and excessive enhancement can cause distortion.

Scott is on the second floor snapping pictures with his camera.  As he is doing this, it appears his camera is sparking a lot of interest.  You’ll hear what sounds like a small child stating “Cool!”

Scott is on the second floor trying to make contact with a little girl thought to roam the house.  The owner believes the little girl’s name is Kaitlin.  Before Scott asks if there is anyone else in the house that is not named Kaitlin, a woman’s voice is heard saying, “Kate”.

Doug and Jim are in the basement, asking questions.  An EVP is captured calling the name, “Alex”.

Scott is upstairs and believes he just heard a young girl cough.  Scott makes a comment, “Well I think we know who’s with us here.”  A few seconds later, an EVP is captured as a heavy whisper, “King Kong”.  Here is the (Extended Version).

Scott is upstairs and is speaking about a man who is rumored to show himself in that room.  Scott then asks if that man can make his presence known.  An EVP interrupts as Scott is speaking, stating, “You will leave now.”   Here is the (Extended Version.)

Jim and Doug are on the 2nd floor.  Jim is asking questions about the little boy who used to live at the home.  An EVP of possibly a woman or child states what sounds like, “Bedroom.”  Doug begins talking, almost overlapping the EVP, unaware of it’s presence.

Jim and Doug are on the 2nd floor.  Doug asks if the heater has just kicked on.  They both comment on hearing the heater, when an EVP is captured as a strong whisper, “You heard that?”

This is a class A EVP that was captured on the second floor at the top of the stairs.  Scott comments on hearing noises that seem to be coming from the steps.  He begins asking questions about who is making the sounds.  A strange suction sound cuts into the conversation and a loud voice is heard of the woman gasping, stating “I’m down” as if she had just fallen.  Scott continues to speak, as this was not audible in real time.  There are several EVPs in this clip.  As Scott asks, “Did you live here alone or with somebody?  A husband?…Family member…?”  A muffled response of “Family member” can be heard.  Scott then mentions hearing footsteps “towards the base of the stairs.”  A female voice then yells, “Catch me please!.”   Several seconds later is the very odd, suction sound described above.  Yet another example of very odd sounds captured preceeding or following EVPs, as described in various other EVP posts.  “I’m Down!” (Extended Version.)  Here is a shortened version: “I’m down!” ( Short Version.)

Doug just came upstairs to inform Scott and Vicky that the investigation is complete and “We got to head out.”  Scott replies, “OK” when an electronic sounding voice is captured stating, “Good…Night.”

Scott is on the 2nd floor and is getting ready to leave.  He states, “We thank you for the time that you gave us tonight,…the voices that we heard.”  A male voice interrupts, “Your’e welcome.”

Caught on Scott’s recorder on 2nd floor.  A male voice, which states what sounds like, This dude’s smarter than my brother,” or possibly, “This dude’s a friend of my brother’s.”

Jim on the 2nd floor.  Jim is taking photos and tags a beeping noise his camera made by saying, “My camera.”  Another male voice is heard saying, “You need to just go home.”


  • Evidence review, along with several personal experiences of investigators, reveals a strong case for heavy paranormal activity occuring in this home.   The story of an older woman possibly dying in the home from a fall on the stairs was seemingly confirmed by captured EVPs.  Numerous male EVPs were captured as well, some not very happy we were there.  The possible spirit of a little girl named Kaitlin, however, was not able to be corroborated.


  • The family has since sold the home.
  • September 2013 update:  The current owner of the home has contacted the MPI Network and informed us there has been no activity in the home since they purchased it in June 2011.

2 responses

  1. tara

    I live in this house and we have had zero activity. we bought the house June of 2011

    September 5, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    • Thank you for contacting us with this update. We’re happy to hear you’ve had no paranormal incidences in the home. It is possible that our investigation evoked a tragic moment, frozen in time. Possibly, the sheer acknowledgement was enough to release whatever existence felt trapped there. You may have just confirmed that we were able to achieve our objective for that evening. If you ever feel in the future that you would like us to return to the house, please feel free to contact us. Thanks again.

      The MPI Network

      September 12, 2013 at 5:53 am

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