Exploring the Unknown

Private Residence – Oshkosh, WI

Private Home

Background and History:

  • Recently  MPI Network received a troubling email from a very concerned property owner.  Due to frequent events of paranormal activity occurring within the 1920 home, the owner of this historic Oshkosh house requested  MPI Network to conduct an investigation as soon as possible.
  • He stated his roommates would frequently see an elderly woman walk past doorways and through the living room.  He said he had heard on numerous occasions what sounded like a woman falling down the stairs.  The owner also stated he had witnessed a ghost dog running through the house.  When this occurred, his own dog would become frightened.  Concerns continued to grow after the owner began researching his house and discovered an elderly woman had passed away at the house in 1921, after experiencing a tragic fall down the wooden staircase.
  •  MPI Network investigated the residence located in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin Irving- Church Street Historic District.  During our walk through, the owner of the property stated he often hears a loud bang coming from an empty closet in an upstairs bedroom.  The bang was described as the sound of something very heavy falling.  When the owner would periodically hear this, he would check the closet to find nothing there.  The owner’s girlfriend had sensed an older man sitting on the bed, while she was laying in it and while the owner was alone in the house painting, he said he had heard the brush of a woman’s dress dragging across the wooden floors.

Investigators Present:

  • Vicky, Scott, Jim and Doug H.  Also present was the owner of the house and his mother.


  • Throughout the investigation, MPI Network utilized various pieces of equipment, such as audio and video recorders, full spectrum video cameras, IR lights, 2 OvilusSpirit Boxes, various gauges of temperature, EMF, barometric pressure, etc to attempt spirit communication and documentation.  The owner of the home and his mother also participated in the investigation.  The majority of the investigation focused on the upstairs bedroom where most of the activity had been reported.

Evidence Collected:

  • One of the claims in the home was a very loud banging noises coming from a closet in the upstairs bedroom.  This noise had been heard by multiple tenants at multiple times.  It was described as sounding like the “roof was caving in.”  Two Ovilus sessions were conducted in that bedroom.  An Ovilus is a device that spirits can theoretically utilize to speak through by manipulating temperature and EMF readings, and coorelating those readings with an in-house dictionary.  During this 1st session, the Ovilus utilized a certain pattern of words that painted a scene of a car running off the road in winter time and hitting the house.  Repeated word useage, such as car, ice, scream, crowd, fatal, among others were used to seemingly refer to such an event.
  • During this clip of an EVP session in the bedroom, Vicky is heard asking the home owner if it was winter time when he heard this noise coming from the closet, wondering if the noise could have been ice falling off the roof.  The owner is heard stating, “Yeah, it was cold,” when a light female voice can be heard saying, “It ran off the road.”

A shorter version of the above EVP: 

  • A second Ovilus session conducted later in the evening painted the same story, utilizing words such as murder,  truck, chest, throat, hurt, freeze, and confess.
  • Before conducting the 2nd Ovilus session upstairs, the team had just completed the downstairs investigation when Scott is heard in this clip stating he would like to do another session upstairs, and the Ovilus, seemingly hearing this, says, “Kill, Closet.”  The team and homeowner is then heard reacting to this….
  • While the entire team was upstairs, an audio recorder was left downstairs on the fireplace mantle.  Somebody, or something, apparently tests the device by saying “Hey” directly into the recorder.  Nobody was downstairs at this time, and this word did not record on any other device rolling at that time anywhere throughout the house….
  • In the beginning of the investigation, recorders were being strategically placed throughout the home.  Jim is walking into the living room, his voice is heard in this clip, as are his footsteps, and he tags himself sitting down.  A voice comes through, saying, “There’s no Brad in the living room.”  The name Brad was said numerous times by the Ovilus, and also by the spirit box, or Frank’s box.  The name has nno connection to the MPI Network, or the homeowner.  Post-invest research also showed no Brad in connection with the home.  It remains a mystery as to who Brad is, or was…


  • Quite a bit of evidence was collected during this investigation.  All of the evidence was in audio form as no visual evidence was found.  Much of the audio is not Class A in quality, and therefore a bit difficult to hear without proper equipment.  It is via MPIN’s discretion not to make such audio available on this website.  Listening sessions are available to be scheduled for interested participants.
  • Flashlight sessions were inconclusive, though Frank’s Box sessions, and Ovilus sessions were, in the opinion of the MPI Network, conclusive and beyond coincidental.  A consistent story seemed to be referred to by both, along with a pattern of names, such as Brad, Gregg, and Debbie.
  • Post-Investigation research has been inconclusive.  We have been unable to verify if a car has ever run off the road and hit the house, although it seems very plausible.  We also have been unable to verify any of the names which came up consistently throughout the investigation ever actually lived in the house.
  • The purported ghostly old woman and ghost dog also were not verified by this investigation.

It is the opinion of the MPI Network that this home is experiencing activity which cannot be explained by our investigation.  We hope we were able to assist the homeowner come to some level of understanding of what is going on.  There does seem to be a presence of someone who may be confessing to a horrible mistake, or the longings of someone who passed on well before their time due to an accident at the site of this home.

The home is currently up for sale.


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