Exploring the Unknown

Private Residence – Neenah, WI

Private Home


In April, 2013, The MPI Network conducted a paranormal investigation at a private residence in Neenah, WI.  The family living in the home contacted MPIN when they reached their “breaking point”  and requested assistance as the activity occurring in the home was becoming potentially dangerous.

Claims included shadow people in the children’s room and basement, blankets and garments moving on their own, odd behavior by the children while sleeping, disembodied laughing, a possible sighting of an apparition of a period girl wearing a bonnet, and out-of-character, intermitent, uncontrollable fits of anger by one adult resident, sometimes resulting in police involvement.

Pre-Investigation research showed the location of the house to be directly on the site of a village of Outagamie Indians, which was the scene of a 2 -day military assault on the Indians by the French in 1726.

Investigators Present:

Scott, Vicky, and Jim along with the assistance of a psychic medium due to the seriousness of the claims.


Throughout the investigation, MPIN utilized various pieces of equipment, such as audio and video recorders, IR lights, Ovilus, Frank’s Boxes, and various gauges of temperature, EMF, barometric pressure, etc to attempt spirit communication and documentation.  Various trigger objects were utilized and the adult resident who was prone to negative mood swings participated in the investigation, as it was possible this person may have been targeted by negative energies.

The psychic present conducted a walkthrough of the house and was able to provide invaluable consult to the residents.

Evidence Collected:

  •   Basement – Parent’s room.  It was when he’s in this room that the male adult resident reports sporadic uncontrollable fits of anger and rage.  Scott’s voice is heard throughout clip, and when he pauses, a strange whisper is captured, seemingly saying, “Cowgirl.”
  • Basement – Children’s room.  The owner of the home states he “heard something back there,” referring to the parent’s bedroom again.   Scott replies, “Back by the flashlights?”  After this, a very quick female vocal tone is heard, and then something we are unable to explain:  A male and female voice is heard, speaking in synchronicity.  Vicky is heard immediately after this, in a completely different tone and distance, eliminating her as a possibility.  We are unable to identify who or what these male and female voices are, as 2 other recorders in the room are just as inconclusive, and video shows nobody speaking.  We are also unable to identify what the voices are saying….

A shorter audio version of just the light female vocal tone, and the male and female voices in synch…

  • Upstairs – Kitchen.  This audio recorder was lying on the kitchen counter on the main floor.  Everybody present at the investigation is downstairs.  They can all be heard, faintly talking, in this clip.  A voice, clearly closer to the audio recorder then the voices of the investigators is heard saying, “Aaron.”  A whisper then says, “Knock, Knock.”  There was nobody named Aaron present that night. Nobdy named Aaron lives at the residence, and we do not have an Aaron who is a part of our group.   Interestingly, during client reveal, the male resident became a bit emotional and stated he had a friend named Aaron who passed away, tragically, several months earlier.  He would not verify the voice as being his friend, but did say the voice sounded “similar.”
  • Upstairs – Kitchen.  This audio recorder was on the kitchen table on the main floor.  All those present are downstairs.  Faint voices can be heard.  Then a voice says, ” You won/one”.   Since we were all downstairs, there is no explanation for this voice.
  • Upstairs – Kitchen.  This is also from the audio recorder on the kitchen table.  Once again everyone is still downstairs.  All that is heard is the ticking of a clock in the kitchen.  Then a faint voice is heard, “You should be like that”.





Many of the claims of the residents were unable to be verified by MPIN during this investigation.  There were no shadows captured, no apparitions of a large male or a little girl in a bonnet.  There was some very interesting, all be it inconclusive evidence captured that cannot be fully passed off.  The Ovilus was very active, though unconvincing, as were several flashlight sessions.  Some interesting orb activity was captured as well, although also too unsatisfactory too include as evidence.   As shown above, there are some pieces of audio we simply have no explanation for.  We realize the vocality of some of the clips does not sound like typical EVP, but we simply have no other answer for what they could be.

An electrical box was present in the parent’s bedroom downstairs which may have had an effect on the adult male’s reported anxiety and mood swings when in that particular room, as people can be prone to such symptomology from heavy doses of EMF.

MPIN’s last contact with the family informed us that the residence has been much less active since the investigation.  MPIN appreciates the opportuniy to help, as the family was a joy to work with.


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