Exploring the Unknown

Menasha Public Library- Menasha, WI

(Photo to be added)

On June 23, 2013, the Midwestern Paranormal Investigative Network conducted a paranormal investigation at the Menasha Public Library.

Background and History:

  • In 1896, Menasha welcomed its first library.  The library was originally located above a store on the corner of Chute and Milwaukee Streets.  A young woman by the name of Lucy Lee Pleasants, also known for being the sister in-law of George Banta, became the first librarian until her retirement in 1919.  Research also verified Ms. Pleasants was a first cousin to General Robert E. Lee.
  • In 1898, the library relocated to Mill Street, when Elisha D. Smith (Founder of Menasha Wooden Ware, now Menasha Corporation) donated the land and money to build a new, stand alone building to house the Menasha Public Library.  Unfortunately, Smith died of cancer shortly after and did not see the building’s completion.
  • In 1971, the library moved to its current location on First Street.
  • A complete remodel and building addition was completed in 2003.
  • In speaking with library staff, current paranormal experiences include:  Books falling off of shelves, dvds being pulled out and turned onto their sides, in the morning when the library opens, books have been found scattered across the floor in the children’s area after everything had been picked up and put away the night before, a water faucet was found running inside a locked maintenance closet, and numerous staff reported having heard the elevator operating throughout the floors by itself.

Investigators Present:

  • Vicky, Scott and Jim.  Also present was a staff member from the library.

Evidence Captured:

  • Evidence to be posted soon…


  • After evidence was reviewed from the four hour long investigation, it is in the opinion of the MPI Network that the level of activity at the Menasha Public Library is low.  It must also be taken into consideration that because the MPI Network did not witness a high level of activity, does not verify that there is not more occurring at other times.

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