Exploring the Unknown

Herman C. Timm House – New Holstein, WI


Historical Background:

Built in 1873, this house became the home to Herman C. Timm, the original owner of the Timm Elevator Company, founder of the State Bank of New Holstein, president of the New Holstein Mercantile Company, and the first president of the village of New Holstein.  Timm and his wife, Augusta Muenster Timm raised seven children in the home.  A large addition was added to the house in 1892, by August F. Neuman.  After the deaths of Herman and Augusta, both in 1906, Timm’s unmarried children took over the home and in 1854, they converted it into two separate rental units.  The home was donated by H. C. Timm II to the New Holstein Historic Society in 1974.

The home undergone extensive restoration after a pipe had burst, flooding the entire house with 500,000 gallons of water and filling the entire basement.  In 2000, the New Holstein Historical Society raised $1.2 million dollars to restore the Timm House to its former glory.

Investigators present: 

  • Scott, Vicky, Jim, and Doug

The Investigation:

  • The MPI Network conducted a paranormal investigation of the H.C. Timm House on the evening of March 9, 2012.  The weather was cool and calm.  Prior to the investigation, much research was done on the original family who owned the home.  Obituaries identified Bertha (Timm) Schroeder as having a suspicious death, after struggling with long-term depression.  Herman Timm is believed to have passed away at the home, within his bedroom after experiencing a lingering illness.  The MPI Network concentrated on these individuals in hopes to learn more about their lives in New Holstein as well as their deaths.  Audio visual equipment was used to capture these findings.


Evidence Collected:


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