Exploring the Unknown

Green Hotel- Brillion, WI

Historical Significance:
  • Brillion was officially established in 1855.  The Green Hotel was built in 1872 and was Brillion’s first hotel.   It currently resides as the Brillion “History House” museum and houses many artifacts that were original to the house as well as from the late 1800s.
  • The original owner was F.F. Green, son of Asaph Green who was one of the original pioneers who helped discover and develop the city of Brillion.  F.F. Green was originally born in Brownville, New York in 1835.  When F.F. Green was 8 years old, his family moved to Waupun, Wisconsin and then in 1858 to Chilton.  There, F.F. joined his father in the hotel business.  Green continued the hotel business until 1865, then for a year, ran a stage coach between Chilton and Fond du Lac.  In 1869, he began dealing in lumber.  “Ironically” after declaring bankruptcy, his lumber mill burned down.  From insurance, he was able to immediately rebuild and then sell out in 1871.  In 1872, Green moved to Brillion and redeveloped his hotel business with the “Brillion House” (later named the Green Hotel).  He was very successful and eventually sold out in 1880.  He then moved to Shawano, where he opened up a boarding house, became post master of Shawano county, and was appointed to be an official trader with the Menominee Indians.
Investigators Present:
  • Scott W., Vicky S., Jim C., and Doug H.
The Investigation:
  • The MPI Network conducted a paranormal investigation of the Historic Green Hotel, located in Brillion, Wisconsin on the evening of Saturday, October 8th.  Investigators met with members of the Brillion Historical Society who provided background information on the personal experiences that have occurred within the hotel.  The president of the historical society had grown up in the home and shared memories of the house as well as notified our team that there had been a death within the home.  Investigators conducted a special EVP session with the family members present in hopes to make contact with their belated grandfather.  Investigators did have personal experiences while at the Green Hotel as well as inside of the History House Museum, located directly behind the hotel.  Evidence backing these experiences were captured on digital audio recorders and on night vision video cameras.
Evidence Captured:
(Headphones are recommended)
The following video is a sample of the group EVP Session conducted by the MPINetwork along with members present from the Brillion Historical Society, who participated in the session.  Headphones are strongly recommended as the audio has only been amplified a bit and has not been enhanced for this video.  What you are hearing is straight from a digital recorder.
The following are several more EVPs captured by the MPI Network during this investigation:
  • Bernana“:  Captured on recorder set in kitchen while team was doing controlled, group EVP session with members of the Brillion Historical Society in living room.   Currently unknown as to what “Bernana” refers to.
  • “Watch the video na na na na…”:  Captured on recorder again set in kitchen after team had completed controlled EVP session in living room.  Scott can be heard faintly in the backround explaining the premise of the Frank’s Box to a member of the Historical Society when this voice is captured, demanding us to “Watch the video!”
  • Darrell:”  Captured in the 1st floor bedroom while doing Frank’s Box session.  Vicky is heard asking, “Can you tell us your name?”  A clear voice through the static responds, “Darrell.”  Currently unknown as to who “Darrell” may be referring to.
  • Yep:”  Captured in the 1st floor living room at beginning of Group EVP session with Brillion Historical Society.  Scott is heard asking, “Is there anybody with us this evening?”   He gets a clear reponse.
  • Disembodied voice in shed:  Captured during Frank’s Box session in museum shed.  Scott asks, “Is there anybody with us right here tonight?”  After a couple of seconds of static, a voice screams out from the distance, clearly not from the Frank’s Box.  Scott hears the voice and tags it.
  • Disembodied Voice upstairs:  Captured while Scott and Doug were conducting a controlled EVP session in upstairs lobby of Green Hotel.   A male voice is heard speaking, possiby a foreign language as words are inaudible.  A faint female voice follows, yelling, ‘Watch it!” Scott hears these sounds and tags what sounded to his ears as a high pitched whisper.
  • “Kelly Angel”:  Captured upstairs in lobby.  What seems to be three different spirit voices are heard.  The 1st is a whisper that says, “Help.”  The second says a name, “Kelly Angel.”  The third states, “Come in.”  It seems our investigators may have interrupted a gathering of some sort…
Conclusion and Follow up:
  • During the investigation, all present persons had countless personal paranormal experiences.  Fortunately, while conducting a group EVP session on the first floor with the previous owners of the hotel, what sounded like a heavy piece of wood furniture being dragged across the upstairs wood floor was heard.  Due to these occurrences, as well as the visual and audio evidence captured, the MPI Network does believe that both the hotel and the history museum to be active with paranormal energy.
  • The MPI Network recently had the honor to present our captured paranormal activity of the Green Hotel investigation to the Brillion Historical Society and the Hauser/Behnke family who had grown up in the home.  We look forward to continuing our work with the Brillion Historical Society and conducting further research of the Green Hotel and History House in the future.

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