Exploring the Unknown

Blind Pig Saloon- Menasha, WI

In February of 2013, the MPI Network conducted a paranormal investigation at The Blind Pig Saloon in Menasha, WI.

This building has many claims of possible paranormal activity, much of this reported by current and former employees of the restaurant and bar.  Such claims include visible apparitions and shadow people, doors opening and closing, and many footsteps heard upstairs after business hours.


  •  Built in the late 19th century,  R.W. Schlegel originally ran a dry goods store out of the building.
  • This building has had many incarnations over the years, including gentlemen’s clubs and numerous bars and restaurants.
  • It is believed a man was found dead outside of the building in the 1970’s.  The cause of the man’s death is unknown.


Scott, Vicky, &  Jim.  The current owner of the building was also present though did not participate in the investigation.


Throughout the investigation, MPIN utilized various pieces of equipment, such as audio and video recorders, full spectrum video cameras, IR lights, 2 Ovilus, Spirit Boxes, various gauges of temperature, EMF, barometric pressure, etc to attempt spirit communication and documentation.   Several EVP sessions were conducted utilizing various trigger objects.   Video cameras were set up throughout the location.

As the building was not very large, all 3 investigators mainly stayed together throughout the investigation to limit contamination.  Jim did conduct an EVP session upstairs individually.

Evidence Collected:

  • Minimal
  • Audio and video evidence was scarce.
  • Some faint EVPs were collected, too faint to post here.
  • Lots of noises were heard throughout the investigation that we could not explain, however, these cannot not be verified as being paranormal.  Vents, heaters, and game machines were adding audible contamination.
  • Flashlight sessions were conducted with some interesting results, although unconvincing.
  • The most interesting evidence was provided by the Ovilus, which seemed to stick to a pattern of words referencing past indian wars and battles in the area in the 17th century.  Although the amount of words the Ovilus utilized referring to this same story was certainly worthy of further discussion and evaluation, this evidence too is inconclusive.


Although the MPI Network was unable to verify the claims of purported paranormal activity at the Blind Pig, we do believe from the evidence we did collect, further investigation would be warranted.  A few months after this investigation, MPIN conducted an investigation at a private residence in the same general vicinity as this location, and received similar Ovilus readings regarding indian battles that did occur in the area approx 400 years ago, adding to the intrigue.

If you have had any experiences at this location that you cannot explain, please feel free to contact and share with us.


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