Exploring the Unknown

Albert F. Huetter Home- Appleton, WI

History and Background:

This home was built in 1894 for Albert F. Huetter and is located within the City Park Historic District of Appleton.  It sits among other significant buildings, such as the home of Edna Ferber, the Hammel House, which was once the home of Appleton’s first mayor, the Temple Zion, and Lawrence University.  In the 1960s, the house was purchased by Casa Clare and served as a drug and alcohol rehab clinic for women.  In 2006, Casa Clare sold the facility.  It was renovated into an elegant Bed and Breakfast, which stands as its current status.


Scott, Jim, Vicky, Doug Oram, and several other investigators.


This home  had not been previously investigated.  We met with the owner of the home in late January, 2011 to conduct our night time investigation.  The owner provided us a tour and explained the historical background of what the house had been used for before she had purchased and renovated the property.  Two night vision camcorders were situated on the first floor, while the group paired off and took to their separate floors of the 3 story + a full basement building.  A piano that is archetypal to the home still stands proudly in the main gathering room.   One of the investigators played the piano lightly in hopes to trigger the original owner to join in.

Evidence Captured:

  • Moderate Activity
  • Although review of visual evidence turned up no conclusive results, personal experiences did occur, as well as numerous EVPs were captured on multiple recorders.
  • Here are a few of the best audio evidence captured:

Note – Headphones/earbuds are recommended when listening to EVP sound samples.  Spirits do not speak at the same frequency we do.


Utilizing information obtained by the current owners of the home who had found medication bottles which had been hidden down in the basement, Doug Oram, while investigating there asks, “Are you in here?  Did you ever hide anything in here?”  After a light, inaudible whisper, a clear EVP response is captured, stating proudly, “Just dope.”  Doug comments quickly as he was able to hear this in real time.

Referring to the home’s history of having previously been a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, the investigators began discussing what they would do differently if they came back to investigate this home again.  Doug jokes about bringing cigarettes and alcohol as trigger objects.  After he says, “A pack of cigarettes is pretty tame though,” a whisper is captured saying, “Stop that!… Not funny!”

Jim is investigating in the basement.  While sitting on the couch, he experiences a cold spot on his arm and asks, “Did you just touch me?”  Right before Jim asks this, a voice clearly states, “Touch.”

Vicky is on the first floor, looking out the window.  Vicky asks, “Was this church across the street always here?”  A low male voice gives a direct response, “Yeah.”

One of the investigators is talking about wanting a wood burning fireplace in his house.  He comments that his in-laws have an electric fireplace, that he doesn’t like.  It appears that someone else is listening in on the ‘what was thought to be’ private conversation, as a loud whisper is captured in Vicky’s recorder, “He’s whiny!”

“I like the piano.”:  Scott is alone in the basement.  The rest of the investigative team is upstairs and the piano is heard being played as a possible trigger object.  The piano is placed one floor above the basement.  Scott asks, “Can you hear the piano ?  Do you like that?”  A voice responds, “I like the piano,” though is inadvertantly interrupted by Scott speaking again.  Several other EVP’s, slight and inaudible are heard in this same clip.

“I’m bulimic.”  Scott alone in basement.  Piano can be heard being played as trigger by other investigators.  Female EVP seems to say, “I’m bulimic.”

“Can’t score much more.”:  Jim is investigating the main floor with Kathy DeRango.  The wood floor is creaking, and Kathy tags it, stating, “Kathy walking on creaky floor.”  Jim chuckles at this.  After creaking stops, an odd voice states, “Can’t score much more.”  Another reference seeminlgy to drugs.  Probably risidual.


  • Through this investigation, the MPI Network was able to capture audio evidence of lingering existences.  Due to the manner and dialogue of the responses, it is unsure of those presences are the original owners of the home, alcohol and drug dependent patients of the once Casa Clare Rehabilitation Facility, phantom guests that are lodging at the now Bed and Breakfast, or someone/something else.  It seems whomever they are, they’re there, enjoying the Historic Huetter Home, just as we do today.

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