Exploring the Unknown

Who is MPIN?

The Midwestern Paranormal Investigative Network is spearheaded by the 3 founding members,  Scott, Vicky, and Jim.  This corps clique of researchers merge their experience, knowledge, passion, and investigative prowess to seek answers to the questions that all of us wonder about. 

Scott, Vicky, and Jim conduct research and investigations both as a trio, and also alongside an ever-expanding group of like-minded associates, creating a network of paranormal investigators.  This allows for incorporating a wide array of trusted opinions and perspectives.

MPIN never charges for an investigation.  Please feel free to visit out Contact Us page to inquire about how we can help you.  We are easily accessible.  No inquiry will go unanswered.  

We are based in, but not limited to, northeast Wisconsin.


The Founders:









Since I was young, I’ve had a belief that our “reality” encompasses much more than what our 5 senses lead us to believe.  That belief has been nurtured since childhood by popular culture, such as shows like “The Twilight Zone,” and “Tales from the Darkside,” as well as the more recent ghost hunting shows popular today.  I bring my experiences as a professional photographer and passion as an amateur historian to the MPI Network to continue the quest to show that what is real is much more complex than any science can explain.

  • In ourselves we carry the ideals and beliefs that we inherited from those who layed that foundation before us. Who we are is a reflection on who they were; their values, their vices, their sense of purpose and being.We see the evidence of their remaining presence on a daily basis. Their abandoned buildings. Their ghost towns. The decaying homes they left behind. They struggle to call out for attention, but are powerless. All too often we fail to acknowledge them. We keep driving. We look away. We continue on with our lives, forgetting the fact that they’re the ones who gave it to us.This is my attempt to heed their call. To document the left over parts of those who defined us. They remain in every county in America. Famous, infamous, and forgotten.I have not forgotten them. I believe it is possible for them to continue to tell their story.

This is my Homage to them…

To us.








Despite having unexplained paranormal experiences growing up, I’ve always been more skeptical.  Yet, the idea of exploring an unknown world seemed fascinating.  It wasn’t until I began using the investigative devices that I started catching clear EVPs and hearing my name being called.  This was the turning point that sparked a passion for learning more.  We’ve confirmed these “things” are there- which I refer to as “the others,” now we must determine what the others are: ghosts, demons, spirits of the past, residual hauntings, another realm, maybe a twilight zone 🙂 …?

  • I’ve always been fascinated learning about the past generations who worked so diligently to establish our history and provide us with the lives we are able to live today. I have a true appreciation for the efforts made by these individuals when paving the way and laying our foundation. My mission is to somehow make a connection with the individuals of past generations to learn from, show appreciation to, and preserve the lives they lived as well.

“Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before, advanced a stage or two upon that road which you must travel in the steps they trod.” ~Aristophanes






I have always had an interest in what we can not see, feel, or touch with our traditional senses.  Ever since I started doing investigations, my intuition that there is so much more out there, that most of us never experience, has been just completely reinforced.  Sometimes I just “know things” before they happen.  These occurrences have become more frequent as of late.  I truly believe this is tied to the energy that people give off from emotions and feelings.

  • I believe our number 1 mission is to find answers for out clients. Our next most important mission is to find answers for ourselves. As we continue to investigate we hope to find out if spirits are everywhere (which we suspect). We also hope to find out if locations capture spirits or if they are free to move from location to location. Spirits seem to be energy, is the energy simply earth bound or is it multi-dimensional? We truely owe it to ourselves, our clients and everyone else to find out all the answers we can.

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