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Hi everyone!  Last evening we investigated at a private residence.  We had one of our best flashlight sessions ever.  We asked and received answers to roughly 25 questions.  This was very encouraging, now we must go thru all the rest of our evidence to see what else we might have captured.  Was a great night and we look forward to whatever else we may find.  Thanks for being patient we will have more updates soon!

The Fifth Bedroom

We’ve all experienced that feeling before, while walking into a foreign building for the first time; the feeling that someone is watching us, lurking in the dark, about to jump out or sneak up behind us.  I experienced that feeling today.

Some days, my job blesses me with the opportunity to visit some pretty amazing buildings.  Today, I toured a grand, 4,000 square foot, prominent 1886 house, located in Manitowoc.  My feet glided effortlessly from room to room as I spun in circles to admire the home’s original character.  Part of me wanted to “ooh” and “aww” at each and every detail of whichever room I was in, while the other part of me couldn’t wait to keep moving onto the next room to see what else this glorious house had to offer.  I placed my hand on the worn, curved wooden railing that guided me up to the second floor.  I entered the grand ballroom, which had been converted into the largest bedroom I’ve ever seen.  The wood burning fireplace was soiled with ashes and soot from the past 150 years.  The entire home was painted in light, airy hues of sky blues, morning dew and daisy yellows- very welcoming and clean pastels added to the home’s exuding comfort and feeling of freedom.

And then… I had one last room to see.  Upon turning the corner to enter a fifth bedroom, my foot moved forward to step inside, but quickly halted, still wavering slightly in the air, came backward and then planted itself firmly a few feet outside of the room.  That feeling.  My tour guide waved me forward, motioning me to make myself at home in the room.  I hesitated.  In a moment, I poked my head inside the door, glanced around, nodded and stepped back again.  That odd feeling struck me hard.  I didn’t know what caused it, but I knew I wasn’t interested in exploring it further.  We returned to the main floor, where I immediately fell back into my dreamy state of historic appreciation.  I began asking about the history of the house.  My guide shared bits and pieces of broken facts and stories of the prominent owners who built the boasting house, up on a hill, overlooking a once beautiful view of Lake Michigan.  Outside, the home was now surrounded by a countless mixture of new and old homes- littering the serenity, leaving slight slivers of water, only visible from the upstairs ballroom.  As the home’s guide continued, something she said made my thoughts pause; and right then it came full circle.  She stated almost in passing, “And there was also a murder in this home.”  I stopped her from moving on and politely inquired for details.  “Well,” she continued, “All I know is that the man living here, beat his step daughter to death.  She was only 14… it happened in that fifth bedroom upstairs.  Not a good situation.”  To avoid sounding too interested, I did not push for more.  Instead, after leaving the home, I began my own research.  Within a few minutes, microfiche obituaries revealed the original owners had both passed away in the home from short term illnesses.  I did not come across any news articles regarding murders or unexpected deaths matching that address.  Probably the tragic murder purported to me was only an old wives’ tail that has gone along with the whispers, creaks and rumors of 150 year old house… but then again, why for that feeling?  What caused such an abrupt change in my demeanor?  I would never proclaim myself sensitive to the paranormal, but I do feel that we each have abilities of premonition.  We all can read and sense how people are feeling, just by looking at them or by getting physically close.  What science says we can’t do the same with locations?  Maybe we can…

I found an interesting study done a few years ago, that examined that unexplained feeling of dread and worry.  Possibly it’s not unexplainable at all.  The study explored the effects our physical environment plays in how we as people react emotionally and mentally to unseen changes.  The article emphasizes why it is critical to measure for magnetic fields, radiation, radio waves, electrical currents and other types of varying environmental factors while investigating.  Having read this, I can’t help but assume the fifth bedroom is probably exploding with electrical current and radio waves, radiating under layers of lead paint and crumbling plaster.  Then again, all stories originate from something… quite possibly a tragic murder in a fifth bedroom was the unfortunate start to this one.  And so my research continues…


Absence Makes the Heart Grow…

Since fall of last year, MPIN has taken a bit of a hiatus from the spirit world, at least in regards to actual location investigations.  The reasons for this are many, and include changes in our professional lives, babies being born, a wedding, more babies on the way, etc.

Basically, life took priority, which it will always.

However, MPIN has never really stepped away from the Paranormal world.  Our research into past investigations continues, as does research into future investigations for this upcoming year.  Equipment upgrades, improved investigative tactics, continuing education of current industry trends, etc have all been par for the course for the corps members of MPIN during this brief intermission.

We are looking forward to a number of exciting investigations throughout this spring and summer, including a project we will be announcing in the near future;  an exciting, though quite complex investigative undertaking into an important part of American History that we are confident no other paranormal team has taken upon before.

It will surely provide a riveting quest for our continued pursuit of truth, though one which will no doubt be an emotional journey into a somber and tragic past.  A small sampling of which is illustrated below…


Feel free to come along for the ride…


Presentation at the Menasha Public Library.

On Tuesday October 22nd, 2013, the Menasha Public Library Invited MPI Network to give a presentation on Paranormal Investigations.  We were very pleased to be able to do this presentation.  It was a great experience for our group and we had very positive feedback from all that attended.  We were pleased with the turnout, which numbered 60 people.  Thank you to the Library for asking us to present to everyone.  A special thank you to Kathy and Dave for helping with setup and for promoting our presentation.  We look forward to doing many more presentations in the future.  Thanks to all who continue to follow our group we truly appreciate the support.  Once again thank you to all!   Jim

MPIN Remembers Peshtigo


142 years ago today, October 8th, 1871, a fire that killed more people than any other fire in the history of the United States ravaged NE Wisconsin.

Known today as The Great Peshtigo Fire, after the town at the center of the firestorm and which lost the most lives, it has been largely forgotten in the annals of American history.  The reason for this is because the fire occurred on the exact same day as The Great Chicago Fire.  Chicago, being obviously the much bigger and well-known city, had pushed those lost in the Peshtigo fire onto the back pages of the newspapers of the day, as well as our history books of today.

250 people were lost in The Great Chicago Fire.  It is still not known today, and never will be known, exactly how many lives were lost in The Great Peshtigo Fire, although the estimates range from 1800-2400.

Although seemingly an astonishing coincidence to have two fires of that magnitude only miles apart on the exact same day, it actually wasn’t.  The entire upper midwest was experiencing an epic drought that year.  The upper midwest being prime logging country made the environment ripe for fire.  Writings from the time tell of those in Peshtigo having to cover their faces and mouths to prevent from breathing in ash and seeing the reflections in the sky of multiple prairie fires burning in Illinois, Michigan, and as far west as Minneapolis for weeks before that fateful day.  Oconto, WI had a fire just days prior, which many had thought was “The Big One” they were waiting for and knew would eventually hit.

They were ready for that one, but they had no idea what was coming.

PESHTIGO-cometmapaThe weather pattern on that day created contrasting fronts which  forged winds up to 100 MPH, pushing the many smaller fires in the area into 1 big fire centered over Peshtigo.  It was literally a fire tornado.

Peshtigo burned in 90 minutes.

No buildings survived.

800 residents of Peshtigo were dead, along with hundreds more in the surrounding areas, including across the bay in the Door County Peninsula.

Some were burned alive, some were killed by flying fireballs and debris, some were killed by simply breathing in the air which was so hot many spontaneously combusted.

The reason the number dead will never truly be known is because many of the dead didn’t have bodies left to identify.

Those who survived in Peshtigo did so by staying in the river that bissected the town for 12 hours until the air was safe enough to breathe again and not succumbing to the hypothermia which also killed dozens.

Bodies were still being found well into the next year.

It is still today, 142 years later, the worst natural disaster in our nation’s history.


The MPI Network conducted a paranormal investigation in Peshtigo this past September, just days prior to the 142 year anniversary.  Our goal was to examine the possibilities if the energies from that day still exist, if spirits from those effected by that tragedy are still searching for answers, and to let them know that they, even if our history books tell them so, have definitely not been forgotten.

We are still in the review stage of this investigation, though we are already aware from completed material, that all three phases of our investigation goal had positive results.

Evidence page for this remarkable, though humbling and solemn investigation, will be coming soon….




The “chosen ones”

Kind of an odd experience today at my local ReStore…

I decided to quick run in to grab a roll of painter’s tape.  Unfortunately, “quick run-ins” historically end up in me getting sidetracked by something that catches my eye and time goes out the window… as did this evening.  Within a minute after entering the store, I knew I would be there for a while.  There was another woman eyeing over paint cans and brushes, seeming somewhat lost and almost in a daze, probably trying to imagine random rooms in her home painted in different colors, possibly decorated with different furniture and new curtains… When abruptly, another woman approached her side.  The second woman was an older woman, probably in her early 70’s and put her hand on the first woman’s shoulder as she approached and stated, “I’m really sorry.  I can tell you’re in mourning right now.”  The first woman paused, stunned by the comment and began looking around as if she thought that maybe she was being mistaken for someone else.  The second woman then introduced herself as a medium.  The medium then asked, “Did your husband pass away recently?”  The woman replied, “Yes, about three months ago.”  Being an avid fan of the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, I was drawn to linger nearby, but was also aware of the sensitive nature of the conversation and decided it best to distance myself.  About fifteen minutes later (or 20ish), still needing my painter’s tape, I gradually made my way back to the front of the store, where the medium was saying a prayer out loud to help the woman’s husband’s spirit move on and to help calm the woman’s sadness.  The woman stated that she had been struggling with depression and that she is finally at the point where she is able to go out to stores and begin to interact with the community again.  As the women departed, going in different directions, the first woman passed me.  Her face lit up and appeared bright.  She made eye contact with me and smiled.  She appeared confident and didn’t have that same dazed and confused look as she did earlier.  The weight had been lifted.

I’ve always been a hopeful skeptic.  I hope that there are individuals in this world who possess these special abilities and natural talents, but at the same time skeptical of who is truly gifted.  Unfortunately, everyone wants to be special and everyone would like to feel as if they had been hand chosen to carry out a special plan, maybe making them somewhat spiritually superior to those around.  To those out there who hope they’ve been selected- proceed with caution in your practice.  You’re working with people’s emotions and the sensitivity of the topics and claims you make may be more detrimental than good.  Fortunately my experience today was truly a positive intervention and for the sake of the woman involved, thank you to the medium who selflessly offered this consultation.

Anyone else have any interesting experiences or thoughts?

Join us and “Learn About Paranormal Investigation!”

The Midwestern Paranormal Investigative Network would like to invite you to a free presentation on Tuesday, October 22nd at 6:30pm at the Menasha Public Library.

The presentation will highlight the local haunts that our group has investigated throughout the Fox Valley.  We will also talk briefly about our experiences and findings from famously haunted locations in various other states throughout the country.  Along with sharing some of our best evidence gathered, we plan to go through ghost hunting basics, learning paranormal lingo, discerning questionable evidence and common equipment used in the field of paranormal science.

This can be as formal or informal as you wish!  Please come ready to share your own personal experiences, get some questions answered and even learn how to conduct your own paranormal investigation!

For more information: http://www.menashalibrary.org/node/3260

Sylvia Brown Wrong Again

I’m not big on psychics generally.  Some are obviously more credible than others, but Sylvia Brown’s time, I think,  is coming to an end….






Menasha Library Presentation

MPI Network is excited to announce that we will be giving a free presentation at the Menasha Library on October 22nd.   At this event,  we will be presenting some of our best evidence we have obtained over the last few years of investigating various sites throughout the valley, talking about techniques and equipment, and answering questions from the audience.

We look forward to this interaction and will remind you all again as the time grows nearer.


Scott, Vicky, & Jim

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