Exploring the Unknown

Absence Makes the Heart Grow…

Since fall of last year, MPIN has taken a bit of a hiatus from the spirit world, at least in regards to actual location investigations.  The reasons for this are many, and include changes in our professional lives, babies being born, a wedding, more babies on the way, etc.

Basically, life took priority, which it will always.

However, MPIN has never really stepped away from the Paranormal world.  Our research into past investigations continues, as does research into future investigations for this upcoming year.  Equipment upgrades, improved investigative tactics, continuing education of current industry trends, etc have all been par for the course for the corps members of MPIN during this brief intermission.

We are looking forward to a number of exciting investigations throughout this spring and summer, including a project we will be announcing in the near future;  an exciting, though quite complex investigative undertaking into an important part of American History that we are confident no other paranormal team has taken upon before.

It will surely provide a riveting quest for our continued pursuit of truth, though one which will no doubt be an emotional journey into a somber and tragic past.  A small sampling of which is illustrated below…


Feel free to come along for the ride…



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