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Kind of an odd experience today at my local ReStore…

I decided to quick run in to grab a roll of painter’s tape.  Unfortunately, “quick run-ins” historically end up in me getting sidetracked by something that catches my eye and time goes out the window… as did this evening.  Within a minute after entering the store, I knew I would be there for a while.  There was another woman eyeing over paint cans and brushes, seeming somewhat lost and almost in a daze, probably trying to imagine random rooms in her home painted in different colors, possibly decorated with different furniture and new curtains… When abruptly, another woman approached her side.  The second woman was an older woman, probably in her early 70’s and put her hand on the first woman’s shoulder as she approached and stated, “I’m really sorry.  I can tell you’re in mourning right now.”  The first woman paused, stunned by the comment and began looking around as if she thought that maybe she was being mistaken for someone else.  The second woman then introduced herself as a medium.  The medium then asked, “Did your husband pass away recently?”  The woman replied, “Yes, about three months ago.”  Being an avid fan of the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, I was drawn to linger nearby, but was also aware of the sensitive nature of the conversation and decided it best to distance myself.  About fifteen minutes later (or 20ish), still needing my painter’s tape, I gradually made my way back to the front of the store, where the medium was saying a prayer out loud to help the woman’s husband’s spirit move on and to help calm the woman’s sadness.  The woman stated that she had been struggling with depression and that she is finally at the point where she is able to go out to stores and begin to interact with the community again.  As the women departed, going in different directions, the first woman passed me.  Her face lit up and appeared bright.  She made eye contact with me and smiled.  She appeared confident and didn’t have that same dazed and confused look as she did earlier.  The weight had been lifted.

I’ve always been a hopeful skeptic.  I hope that there are individuals in this world who possess these special abilities and natural talents, but at the same time skeptical of who is truly gifted.  Unfortunately, everyone wants to be special and everyone would like to feel as if they had been hand chosen to carry out a special plan, maybe making them somewhat spiritually superior to those around.  To those out there who hope they’ve been selected- proceed with caution in your practice.  You’re working with people’s emotions and the sensitivity of the topics and claims you make may be more detrimental than good.  Fortunately my experience today was truly a positive intervention and for the sake of the woman involved, thank you to the medium who selflessly offered this consultation.

Anyone else have any interesting experiences or thoughts?


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  1. I was privileged to be able to investigate a Victorian era home in an older part of Peshtigo a few years back. The client lived in the upper half of the house while the lower half was not occupied. According to local history sources, this house may have at one time been a boarding house for the mill workers built by a man named John Burke Now only half the house is present but no scorch marks were found any where on it so we can’t for sure say the house suffered in the fire. We do know that there was a boarding house located not far away where around 100 people died.

    The center of the reported haunting was from two little girls who stated that a man was coming out of their wall at night and talking to them, ultimately becoming threatening. They called him “Mr. Burke” (see note above). While the experiences we had there were somewhat remarkable with a floor of one room seeming to shift under our feet, the most interesting evidence was audio. While we were gone on a dinner break, I left a recorder going in the kitchen. About five minutes before it records our return, it recorded this sequence. http://www.sillybirds.com/ghostfiles/peshtigo/dinnerexit_at_1hr14min.wav
    There was no one in the house at the time–our client was watching the house outside and no one came or went. There was also no squeaky door as you hear in the recording. There are two voices in this recording but are hard to understand. I believe they are speaking about something terrible that may have happened to a friend or co-worker.

    I had another curious recording as we were getting ready to conduct an EVP session. I had a video camera going and was cautioning people not to trip over the tripod. While I was doing so a man’s voice was heard on our recording, making the comment “did John get word of the boss…”. The link to this recording is at http://www.sillybirds.com/ghostfiles/peshtigo/tripodoutsidedoor.mp3. The only living voices on this recording are mine in the beginning and my husband’s voice at the end giving the time. The man speaking in between about John and the boss is not there.

    We never got to return to this building as the client’s daughter (the occupant and mom) moved out two weeks after our evidence presentation. I can’t blame her.

    I would love to return to Peshtigo for another investigation some time. I hope you find some interesting evidence. I look forward to seeing/hearing it.

    October 12, 2013 at 9:47 pm

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