Exploring the Unknown

Unarmed burglars?

I was recently contacted by one of the owners of a location that the MPI Network had previously investigated.  The owner informed me that she had installed security cameras a few weeks ago and since doing so, has captured a few strange and unexplainable occurrences.  She stated that on one evening, her surveillance system showed someone checking the door locks at the end of the night and “after he was gone, there was a big white mist by the door, then a really bright light, then it just about blocked out the camera,  then it faded away.”

As I wait anxiously to view and analyze the footage myself, in the meantime, I have conducted some research online to see if others have experienced similar occurrences with their surveillance systems.  And of these sightings, has there been any explanations for such an anomaly?  It appears to me that there are obvious hoaxes that some very bored people spend careless hours setting up, just for the glimpse chance of becoming a YouTube sensation- and yet, there are still a few other occurrences that have not been as easy to debunk.

I recently came across these two videos that I found interesting.  Feel free to click on the links and let me know your thoughts.  As I continue my research, I will try to provide you with logical explanations for such sightings.  In the mean time, keep your cameras on.  -Vicky








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