Exploring the Unknown

My Father.

While doing Paranormal investigations is a great experience, we are reminded and grounded by the fact that death is an ever present occurance in our lives.  This week has reminded me of this, as my own father passed away very suddenly on Wed. Dec. 21st.  My father was a wonderful, gentle, caring, loving man.  As much as I miss him, I am sure that he would want me to continue doing things I enjoyed, including Investigations.  It would be truely amazing if in the time going forward, that I might capture an EVP or just something that would acknowledge his spirit.  It certainly is one of the reasons that I became so interested in doing investigations in the first place.  Just knowing that our loved ones, friends, pets etc. go on and that we can see them again some time in the future helps to heal in the greiving process.  I miss you  dad, I love you, I could not have asked for a better father.    Jim.


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