Exploring the Unknown

Greatful for the opportunity to Investigate with a great team!

Midwestern Paranormal Investigative Network is made up of 4 different individuals.  We each bring different things to the investigations.  We all  are friends outside of the group.  We all work well as a group, we all have a passion for doing this type of activity.  As Scott said in his post, we all are interested in discovering things of a historical nature within our State and beyond.

Thanks to Scott, Vicky, and Doug.  I really enjoy investigating with you 3 and look forward to all that 2012 will bring for our team!!  What is great is that none of us have egos that need to be stroked, we do not need to take credit for catching the evidence.  The team is all about finding the truth both for clients and ourselves.  Thanks again team, I am having a blast, hope you all are too!!



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