Exploring the Unknown

To Give Thanks…

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, this is usually the time of year that I become rather introspective.  A kind of “self-processing” to take a reflective look back at the last year and plan a bit for the year ahead.

One of the biggest changes in my life the last year is that I am now part of a full-fledged Paranormal Investigative team.  I have often wondered, and have been asked by others, why I am so interested in this field.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to give a full, honest answer because I’ve never really been sure myself.  Was it the adventure of attempting to communicate with “dead people?”  Was it the rush of investigating large, long abandoned, “creepy” prisons, asylums, or hospitals which one sees on the TV shows?  Was it simply the thrill of the chase?  I wasn’t really sure…

…And still may not be.  Although, I believe now I have a better grasp on it.  This has been a field which has given most of it’s attention to those long abandonded buildings mentioned above.  Those are what are on the TV shows.  They have the torturous, traumatic histories.  They have the “Wow Factor.”   And, all in all, they should.  Our team member, Jim, had the opportunity to investigate the famous Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, KY, and brought back some amazing evidence.

However, I find my interest peaking when investigating the smaller, lesser known, local places.  Investigating places that nobody, or very few people, have investigated before.  Working with local Historical Societies who are as passionate as I am in regards to preserving our heritage, not just to gawk at it from afar.  Preservation, as it turns out, is my number one goal.  Paranormal Investigating is simply one tool that we are using to attempt to do so.  We are named the “Midwestern” Paranormal Investigative Network, though my heart, and our homebase, is in Wisconsin.  On these investigation pages, one can hear evidence, voices, attributed to past personalites and patriarchs from small town American places like Appleton, Neenah, Brillion, Kiel, Mineral Point, and countless others who have passed through here over the course of time.  Voices of long dead people that may not mean much to viewers of “Ghost Hunters” or “Ghost Adventures,” but mean much more to me as a Wisconsinite.  These are people who helped to shape MY heritage; MY home state.

The ability to be able to cross over the threads of time and communicate with those who are no longer here is a rush beyond words for me.  The last year has cemented my belief that just because someone is no longer here in our physical world does not mean they are gone from us forever.  They can still hear us.  They can still see us.  We can still learn from them.  We can still thank them for what they have given us.

Wisconsin has an amazing history.  This state embodies what the American Dream was to so many over the last few centuries and will continue to be again to future generations.  The evidence we have collected over the last year is proof enough for me that those who left this great state and country for us to prosper are still trying to communicate.

We owe it to them to listen.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Be safe and spread Goodwill.



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