Exploring the Unknown

October Update

As Halloween approaches, children quickly anticipate candy
and costumes.  Adults become busy
reconstructing their neatly trimmed lawns into ghoulish grave yards with
zombies and cobwebs.  Teens call their
friends and hurry off to tour haunted houses in hopes to become terrified, even
if for only a moment.  There is
excitement in the air!

A similar excitement overcomes our group, the Midwestern
Paranormal Investigative Network, but rather than every fall, it occurs every
day.  Just over a year ago, Scott and I
attended a public paranormal meet up.
There, we met Jim and began networking with other paranormal enthusiasts
in hopes to learn a little more about the afterlife and somehow fulfill unanswered
questions.  We began examining the
paranormal through watching shows on television, such as Ghost Hunters and
Ghost Adventures.  We then explored paranormal
websites, forums, and attended book signings of paranormal authors.  These were interesting outlets, but we all knew,
nothing would compare to conducting an actual investigation first hand.

Learning a little bit by bit, feeds the thrill and passion
to explore further into the unknown.  Over
the past year, we’ve conducted paranormal investigations at private residences,
businesses, historic sites, historic battlefields, historical museums, abandoned
buildings, and ghost towns throughout Montana, South Dakota, Kentucky and

We are happy to have our website up and running, as a
showcase for other paranormal enthusiasts to explore.  We hope our findings are helpful in possibly
answering a few questions you may have regarding the paranormal.  If you have any questions or comments, feel
free to CONTACT US.  Check back or subscribe
to our blog to see the latest updates regarding our upcoming investigations.

Thanks for stopping by!



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